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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorder


 Sleep problems can be triggered by various different factors which create a sleeping disorder once these factors remain unchanged. Sleeping disorders range between day, weeks, months and years, they are however treatable. But before you start seeking a cure for a sleeping disorder and seeking a sleep disorder treatment you need to figure out which sleeping disorder you might have. There are four well known categories sleeping disorder fall into and they are:

1) Extrinsic sleeping disorders
2) Intrinsic sleeping disorders
3) Circadian rhythm sleeping disorders
4) Parasomnias sleeping disorders

Extrinsic sleeping disorders are influenced by external forces such as over consumption of alcohol. Intrinsic sleeping disorders are often the result of other mental imbalances such as when one suffers from depression or a heightened state of anger or grief. Circadian rhythm sleeping disorders are caused by violating your conscious mind's demand to recharge. The need for sleep varies between each person, so you need to listen to your body and mind's feedback as for the minimum hours of sleep that you must get in order to perform at your optimal scale. Violating your need for sleep can affect other areas of your life. Parasomnias sleeping disorders are sleeping disorders which result from biological imbalances. Parasomnias disorders include sleep walking and insomnia. These disorders are the hardest to correct because of their deep neural wiring with the body mind computer.

Once a bad sleeping pattern is established, your body may begin to rebel and you may see other aspects of your life affected by your lack of sleep. It might be work related where you have to work overtime and as a result you may not be able to get the correct amount of sleep. Your pursuit of finances may jeopardize your mental and physical health. Or it can be a biological imbalance where multiple hypnotherapy sessions are needed to rewire your mind through subconscious imagery and suggestions. Hypnosis is an excellent way to do this as it can work directly on your unconscious mind. Sometimes lifestyle, environment, diet and a whole host of external things can disturb your normal sleeping habits. Hypnosis can teach you to shut these out and regain peace in your sleep and thus bring control over the Circadian Rhythms in your life. Hypnosis is an excellent sleep disorder treatment for sleep disorder symptoms.

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